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What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web Developers handle things like data storage and site load times. They must be able to validate and test website functionality and fix any bugs that prevent the site from working. They should also be certain that the website functions well on any digital device or browser.

Finally, they may also be responsible for any updates that need to occur once the website is live.

If the Web Developer works for a small company, they may even have a hand in writing the site content. They may be responsible for backing up the site regularly to local or cloud storage. They may even develop a database to support the website. A Web Developer should also create style guides for the site to help guide the content over the long term.

Web Developers create these websites with computer code. But Web Developers can’t just stay focused on their favorite lines of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript; they must also be able to clearly communicate with creative designers, copywriters, and perhaps even clients, to ensure that the website effectively represents the standards of the brand. It is for this reason that they must be a team player.

A good Web Developer uses computer code and site design to communicate brand messaging to consumers of the site. So, they must have the ability to express themselves clearly to internal teams in addition to their ability to make the website function. They should also stay as current as possible on all the latest trends in web-based technologies.

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